Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Change in Venue

For the past year or so I have been using this site to post tech-related information for unusual problems that I had a hard time locating answers for. I considered it a great way to share things that I learned while improving the documentation skills that I need to function as a Network Administrator. The problem is that I now do this type of writing on a weekly, if not daily basis and it gets predictably boring covering the same topics over and over again: Which is why I spend so much of my free time producing the Guys Games and Beer podcast and running my gaming channel.

While I plan to keep posting the occasional tech video or Ubuntu tip it occurs to me that this site would be a lot more active if it became an extension of my gaming geekery, and so it shall. I know that some of you who used to read this blog were saddened to see gaming subjects removed from it, so I hope that you will be thrilled that the "fun stuff" is returning.

For now here is my YouTube trailer -- which I had a whole bunch of fun recording.

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