Friday, July 16, 2010

Does iPad iOS 3.2.1 deliver?

Well, I’m downloading the ipad software update now and will let you know what I think.
I am specifically hoping it corrects my occasional wifi drops and the annoying stops and starts I get when playing back youtube vids.
14 mins to go. I sure hope this patch actually DOES something.
For those jailbreakers out there rumor has it that this WILL break your jailbreaking, so fair warning.

Well, it kind of delivers. The YouTube app which was once basically unusable is now working decently enough. On some videos it was not smart enough to pre-buffer, but if I paused for a second or 2 the rest of the video played smoothly. I wonder why Apple can't figure out that a couple second wait before playing YouTube videos would be a huge improvement... But at least it doesn't quit buffeting during playback. Yay.

As far as wireless goes, it's hard to tell yet. My dropouts were occasional anyway. I will update later.

Oh yeah, Bing is now a search engine choice, so if you want to try out a search engine that throws back completely random results coupled with highly accurate ads, well, there ya go.

So far, the update kinda delivers. Kinda.

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