Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How to: allow users to send email as another user or a group in Exchange 2007

This is a quick post to set the record straight on allowing your users to send emails as if they are another user or from a distribution group. So many help forums get this wrong that I figured I would post this to firmly set the record straight.

Scenario 1: If you would like to allow a user to send an email on behalf of another MAILBOX, the solution is simple:
1) Run the Exchange Management Console
2) Click on Recipient Configuration
3) Click on Mailbox
4) In the Mailbox pane on the right, select the mailbox you would like to allow sendas: permissions added to.
5) Under the mailbox name in the Action pane, there is a triangular menu control: ensure the control is allowing the options below the mailbox name to show. Click on it if it is not.
6) Select Manage Send As Permissions
7) Click +Add
8) Select the user or group you would like to give Send As permissions to: The search box at the top can help you greatly in this.
9) Click OK
10) Click Manage.
11) Click Finish.

Congrats: your user may now send on behalf of this mailbox.

Scenario 2: You want to send on behalf of a distribution group: It has no mailbox.

1) Run the Exchange Management Shell
2) Run the following command:
Add-ADPermission -Identity "{Distribution Group Name}" -User "{User Name}" -AccessRights extendedright -ExtendedRights "send as"

Note the brackets are not entered, but the quotes are. {Distribution Group Name} is the name of the distro group you would like the user to be able to send as.
{User Name} is the user name of the user you would like to allow to send as the group. Remember. No {}'s are to be used.

In the above command you can add | f1 to format the output in a easy to read manner.
That's it! Now your users can spoof away in Exchange 2007! Note that in Outlook 2007 you must click on the Option Ribbon and select Show From to change the from field before sending the email

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