Wednesday, March 10, 2010

First test of MacJournal

This is basically just a test. Really it is. You can just ignore it and wait until I have something actually interesting to say. Yesterday I picked up the MacHeist Nanobundle. Pretty neat stuff in there. One of the ‘wares included was of course the Mac Journal. Supposedly I can post my blog using it (although other products I have tested have said the same thing). If this posts .. well ... I can post more often since I won’t have to deal with Blogspot’s bizzaro editor. Yay!

Anyway. This Macheist actually had quite a bit of stuff that I wanted. There was Tales of Monkey Island which I have considered buying a few times. Flow is a file transfer program that looks promising, and Scout which is supposed to track down the covers that iTunes can’t. Bunch of other neat doodads as well.

Sooo. here goes nothin’ Let’s see if it posts.

Update: well. It DID post, but it does not appear to upload the images that I attached. *sigh*

Oh man. BTW, the MacHeist bundle is only running for the next 24 hours. Not bad deal for $20. I’m looking forward to the next one!

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